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Dolls that Look Like Your Child


The base price for a custom doll made from a photo of your child is $195.
If you are looking for a doll that looks like your child, you have come to the right resource. We call these dolls Looking Glass Creations and we would be pleased to create a custom designed doll that resembles your cherished toddler. Simply provide photographs and answer a few questions describing your toddler’s features and the process of creating the doll of your dreams can begin.
If you wish to create a doll that looks like your child, please submit two photographs. One should capture your toddler’s natural expression and one should show the child smiling or laughing.  We will contact you with details about how to submit photographs after we have received your order.

All dolls are created using existing artist designed doll facial expressions and are made to order with skin tone, eye color, and hair color/style to match your child's features.  The expressions available for your custom photo doll generally match the features of a child 1 to 3 years of age.  What a lovely keepsake to commemorate the way your child looked on an early milestone birthday!

These dolls measure 22 inches. One clothing selection of your choice is included in the price of the doll.  Photos of current clothing selections can be viewed on our Clothing pages.  Your custom doll will be delivered lovingly dressed complete with coordinating shoes and socks/tights.

Refer to the samples on our Color Swatches page to assist with skin tone, eye color and hair color selections.

A non-refundable deposit  is due at the time you place your custom order. Please allow 4-6 weeks for us to design and complete your custom order. All supplies needed to fulfill your design requirements (facial expression, eye color, hairstyle and hair color that will resemble your favorite toddler) are special ordered from our varied suppliers. After your doll has been assembled, you will receive a photograph of the completed doll for approval. When you approve your photo doll for delivery, the balance remaining on the cost your doll plus postage is due. Upon receipt of final payment, your custom doll will be shipped to you.

Base price of a custom doll is $195 plus shipping.   Your final cost will be determined based on options you select.